By Mai Family and Sedation Dentistry
October 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

If you're interested in replacing a natural tooth with a dental implant, you're making a great choice. Dental implants are the longest dental implantslasting and most realistic restorations available and are available at Mai Family and Sedation Dentistry in Hudson, FL. Our dentists, Dr. Thomas Salinas and Dr. Thanh Mai, have described the parts of dental implants for their patients considering them.


This integral part of the dental implant's structure is made from titanium, a lightweight metal that is highly biocompatible--that is, it has a low incidence of allergic reaction. Your dentist carefully places the post in a minor in-office surgical procedure that makes a tiny space in the jawbone. The site is stitched closed and heals within a week, but it will take several months before the jawbone regenerates around the post. This is what gives dental implants their unprecedented stability, making them the closest thing to a natural tooth possible.


This extraordinarily tiny piece of metal serves a very important purpose: it attaches the post to the visible portion of the tooth. Your Hudson dentist will affix the abutment to the post after the integration period is complete. This procedure requires a very tiny incision that will only take a few days to heal.


This is the portion of the dental implant that will finish off the restoration and improve your smile's appearance. Crowns are made from porcelain, a strong glass-based material that looks nearly identical to a natural tooth. The color and size of the crown will be carefully chosen by your dentist, making it almost impossible to distinguish between the implant and your other teeth.

Now that you have a better understanding of how dental implants are designed, we encourage you to contact Mai Family and Sedation Dentistry in Hudson, FL to learn more. Set up a consultation with Dr. Salinas or Dr. Mai today!